I see
Intel RealSense camera enables depth-sensing, face recognition and person tracking.
I talk
Microphone array allows you to send voice commands to Segway Robot from anywhere in the room.
Speech recognition in both English and Chinese are supported.
I walk
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping powers indoor/outdoor localization and tracking.
Segway Robot can navigate autonomously or follow the owner.
I think
Advanced artificial intelligence processing and computation, powered by an Intel Atom Processor inside.
I can help
An array of applications enables a Segway Robot to help with various errands.
I am extendable
Hardware extension bay, SDK and application store unlock unlimited potential for developers and organizations to customize Segway Robot.
I take you to places
The robot's base is a Segway Mini Pro, providing you with the perfect personal transportation device.
Rated power, double motors
Maximum speed
Maximum torque
Maximum single trip distance
Yes, your dream has come true
Alpha Developer Edition started shipping
Consumer Edition coming soon in 2017
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