Loomo is a smart machine that transforms between a mini personal transporter and an intelligent robot.
Intel RealSense camera enables depth-sensing, face recognition and person tracking.
Microphone array allows you to send voice commands to Loomo from anywhere in the room.
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping powers indoor/outdoor localization and tracking.
Advanced artificial intelligence algorithm inside, powered by an Intel Atom processor.
Self-balancing base assembly provides fun riding experience and up to 100KG(200lbs) payload.
Android-based SDK provides six powerful services to build skills for Loomo.
Loomo X
Programmable personal droid that learns new skills over time
Individual edition will be released in Q4 2017.
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Loomo Academy
Reliable robotic platform for research and education
Loomo Enterprise
Improve service and efficiency for business
Loomo Go
Autonomous delivery solution
Loomo Go, a droid-based delivery service that reduces cost, improves efficiency, and delights customers.
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The Telegraph

The undisputedly most exciting thing at CES was the Ninebot Segway, which is essentially a Segway that turns into a robot butler on wheels when you're not riding it.


Segway's response to the 'hoverboard' craze? Make a robot that turns into one… Seriously.


The next generation of this personal mobility device is smaller, smallerand yes, cuter, than ever before.


…a show-stopping presentation.

The Guardian

New Segway transforms into a cute robot companion when you're not riding it.


The Segway Robot can carry you places – and then help around the house.


You're not someone until you have a bionic butler.


After CES 2016: the innovations to follow up.


It apparently combines the voice recognition and interaction skills… with something that can take you places without moving to move. Perfect.


One part hoverboard. One part robot butler. Three parts super adorable. It may not hover, but this is the coolest hoverboard we've seen in a while.


The Best Robot 'Butlers' at CES


Segway made a robot that connects to your two-wheeled scooter.

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